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We strongly believe that premium products and solutions can only come from trusted companies. 

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we keep our promises and commitments. It is how we ensure a culture of trust and openness.


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With our digitised supply chain set-up, we serve brands, wholesalers and resellers end-to-end into places and channels where they desire strong establishment.

Prime Value Trade was formed through the combination of key players in the consumer goods industry. We have consistently grown and expanded in our existing and adjacent markets and product categories, both geographically and along the value chain. 

By partnering up with the world’s premium consumer brands in beauty, liquors, personal care, food, health and consumer electronics we can serve millions of consumers daily - either directly or through our wholesaler and reseller partners.

About Prime Value Trade


Prime Value Trade is a technology company operating within the consumer goods industry, boasting a highly robust global network. Our core focus is to connect parties throughout the value chain, bridging gaps that can often be challenging to navigate across the world.

As a technology company, Prime Value Trade utilizes cutting-edge solutions to streamline the process of connecting parties within the consumer goods industry, resulting in a more efficient and effective value chain.

With a strong global network, Prime Value Trade has established partnerships and relationships with various stakeholders, including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, among others. This extensive network enables the company to operate across borders and facilitate trade on a global scale.

Prime Value Trade’s focus on bridging gaps in the value chain allows the company to add value to its partners by providing access to new markets and opportunities that may have otherwise been difficult to reach.

Prime Value Trade’s expertise in the consumer goods industry positions the company as a valuable partner for businesses looking to expand their reach and streamline their operations. With a strong emphasis on technology and innovation, Prime Value Trade is well-equipped to adapt to the evolving needs of the industry.

Our brands means quality & reliability.

Our brands represent the best in consumer goods.

Prime Value Trade excels in the global FMCG market, boasting a vast network of suppliers. 

Delivering value and satisfaction to our global customers.

We have direct access to some of the world’s most desirable brands. Enjoy exclusive access to our brands.

Prime Value Trade

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