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We brings the best food and beverage

Prime value trade brings the best food and beverage brands to distinct markets globally. Expand your business into distinctive markets with Prime value trade.

Join our global network today and become a member on our B2B e-com platform. Join our B2B e-commerce platform today and gain access to a global network

Our brands means quality & reliability.

Our brands represent the best in consumer goods.

Prime Value Trade excels in the global FMCG market, boasting a vast network of suppliers. 

Delivering value and satisfaction to our global customers.

We have direct access to some of the world’s most desirable brands. Enjoy exclusive access to our brands.

Some words about us

Connecting you to a world of possibilities.

Our company, Prime Value Trade, operates as a technology firm in the consumer goods industry. With a robust global network, we specialize in connecting various parties in the value chain worldwide, even those that are typically challenging to link.

Our services facilitate valuable connections that may not be possible through conventional means, making it easier for businesses to thrive and succeed in today's fast-paced global economy.

I have been a member of Prime Value Trade's B2B e-commerce platform for over a year now, and I must say that the experience has been exceptional.

Food Suppliers

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Solutions for wholesalers and resellers.


Access our broad assortment of A-brands at attractive prices. We provide food, beverages, and non-food items to global duty-free channels, government and defence sites, industrial caterers, domestic supermarkets, and retailers. Always with full transparency into product information, from product origin and ingredients to nutritional value.

What kind of solutions does your company offer for wholesalers and resellers?

 Our company provides a range of solutions to help wholesalers and resellers optimize their operations and achieve their business objectives. These solutions include a B2B e-commerce platform, global network connections, supply chain management tools, and customized business consultancy services.

How does your B2B e-commerce platform work?

Our B2B e-commerce platform allows wholesalers and resellers to connect with other businesses across the globe and engage in seamless trade transactions. The platform offers features such as order tracking, secure payment processing, and a user-friendly interface that simplifies the buying and selling process for businesses of all sizes.

What are the benefits of joining your global network?

By joining our global network, wholesalers and resellers can gain access to new markets, connect with potential business partners, and expand their reach into previously untapped regions. Our network includes businesses from a range of industries, allowing members to leverage diverse perspectives and expertise to enhance their own operations.

Do you offer customized consultancy services?

Yes, we offer customized business consultancy services to help wholesalers and resellers tackle unique challenges and achieve their specific objectives. Our team of experienced consultants works closely with clients to develop tailored solutions that address their unique needs and position them for long-term success.

Solutions for brands

Grow your brand presence in distinctive, high-potential markets.

Leave the complexity of reaching new, distinctive markets to us.


Leave the complexity of reaching new, distinctive markets to us. We have established an extensive distribution network and operate high-efficiency warehouses and distribution centres near major ports and local mobility hubs. Our partnerships with trusted transportation and service providers allow us to deliver goods fast and securely all over the world. We also have the supply chain expertise to set up multi-country routes that require strict safety measures.


Launch hyper-targeted campaigns to consumers or B2B decision-makers. We offer in-house creative services to design professional campaigns, from digital ads to in-store promotional materials. B&S uses #Superaudiences to generate highly relevant audiences and deliver personalised marketing messages. And with feet on the ground in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, we have deep local know-how to optimise your campaigns to match customer preferences and behaviour.

Brand Development.

Increase your brand presence in specialised channels. Connect with our border stores, travel retail outlets, diplomatic shops, and on-base military shops to boost your presence in non-conventional markets. Benefit from our market proximity and customer know-how to tailor your offering and price proposition to your target audiences.

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